Our Story

Futonland started in 1995 as a small, specialty futon store in Queens, NY. We currently sell to all 50 states, cater to a wide variety of urban functional furniture, and have a massive online presence; never once losing sight of our emphasis on personally tailored futons in a workshop setting.

We are not a Big Box store. Our customers are never forced into the mold of the products we have: Futonland is designed to fit any space, taste, and economic background without compromising quality. We are a detail-oriented business with a concentration on urban furniture and the resources for any furnishing needs.

We were built on the principles of maximum craftsmanship and cosmopolitan efficiency, and we’ve only strengthened this foundation over the past two decades. Urban spaces pose complicated spatial challenges, and our team of professional patternmakers, foam fabricators, and seamstresses are equipped to work around the most rigorously constrained spaces. No matter what the circumstances, the recurring customers of Futonland know they can expect caring customer service from real people they know, which is something you just can’t get at an inaccessibly large company.

If you are in need of any custom work, from sizing to density to design; Futonland is here to help. Additionally, we offer mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and a host of other options for comfortable city living. We assist with moving (including transit arrangements), provide in-house assembly service, and will locate any replacement set surrounding your futon.

We know you’re busy multitasking wherever you are, and that’s why we will always provide a flexible delivery crew that will coordinate with your building time restrictions and provide fully insured delivery service.

Above all, Futonland is committed to you. At our workshop, it is our mission to customize endless furnishing possibilities for the purpose of satisfying your needs as our customer.

Design your space, your way, with our family at Futonland.

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