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Organic Cotton & Wool & Latex (Dreamton) Mattress 6 Inch

by White Lotus Home ID# 16040
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Organic Cotton & Wool & Latex (Dreamton) Mattress

  • A 3" piece of natural Talalay Latex.
  • An Organic Cotton core made up of Organic Cotton layers placed above and below the Talalay Latex.
  • A wrapping of about 1.5" New Zealand Virigin Lambswool around the Organic Cotton and Latex core.
  • The Organic Cotton + Wool Latex Dreamton is a White Lotus original mattress.
  • The Organic Cotton is grown, processed, and harvested organically--a process that is certified by the USTA.
  • The wool wrap acts as a:
    • Natural Dust Mite repellant
    • Body temperature regulator: the wool wicks away moisture during hot months and keeps your body warm during cold months.
  • Softer than our Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Mattress because of the Latex. The Organic Cotton and Latex provide a medium-firm core of support and the wool provides a soft contact point.
  • The Latex increases the responsiveness of this mattress.
  • We recommend this mattress to be used with: platform beds, box-springs, or on a bi-fold frame.
  • Flame retardant: Virgin Lambswool
  • Made in USA

Mattress Components

  • 100% Organic Cotton. USDA and GOTS certified organic cotton, unprocessed and grown in the USA without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.
  • Wool. Natural New Zealand virgin lambs wool, that has been washed with a mild detergent, no chemicals added.
  • Latex. Natural latex made with the talalay method. Latex is supremely comfortable, resilient, and will not break down over time. It is naturally antimicrobial and does not transfer motion the way metal springs may. Talalay latex is a premium product molded from natural latex.

Because White Lotus Home does not add perfumes, formaldehyde, or dyes to our natural fibers and materials, some of our items will retain their natural scent.

Mattress ships in a vacuum packaging.
Please note that mattress sizes and images are for reference only.
White Lotus turnaround time is 4-6 weeks for the mattresses, toppers and duvets. Custom-made orders may take longer.

Suggested Add-on

Futon Grip Strips is a necessary item for high performance futons. Grip Strips effectively keep your futon mattress in place and keep it from sliding down in the frame.
Product Type: Mattresses
Manufacturer: White Lotus Home
Thickness: 6 Inch
Mattress Construction: Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex
Size: Chair, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Loveseat, Queen, Eastern King, California King, Cot, Twin Lounger, Full Lounger, Chair Lounger, Queen Lounger
Batting: Medium
Mattress Type: Organic Mattress, Futon Mattress
Origin: USA

From the Manufacturer

Handmade in the USA - Standard & Custom Mattresses

We have many options, some are filled with 100% Organic cotton inside out, while others are green and eco-friendly and can even include other fibers like wool and Natural Latex to better meet your desired comfort level. White Lotus Home mattresses are available in standard sizes. We also custom make cushions, covers, and pillows to your specifications. Our mattresses normally last 7-10 and even 15 years or more and some customers have kept our futons and mattresses for over 20 years. It is recommended to review and consider changing your mattress every 10 years.

Bed mattresses are made standard at 6 inches thick whereas Futon mattresses are made 5 inches thick. You can also order any White Lotus mattress up to 8 inches thick.


We recommend you flip your White Lotus Home mattress approximately every three months if placed on a slatted surface, and every month if on a solid surface (like a box spring) to avoid compaction and allow the materials to air out.

We always recommend spot cleaning our mattresses — never saturate them with any liquid. To spot clean, we suggest a mild solution of three parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle, but for particularly stubborn spills, a mild detergent is perfectly fine to add to the bottle as well. Always ensure your mattress is thoroughly dried after a spot cleaning, either by using a hair dryer or placing it in the sun to air out.

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White Lotus Home

White Lotus Home carries both Organic and green products that cater to luxury, eco-friendly, and affordable markets. Our core mission has been, and will continue to be, to offer affordable bedding that is safe from chemical toxins, crafted in a way that will foster environmental stewardship, and adhere to fair labor standards. White Lotus Home is a leader in wholesale organic and natural bedding products. We distribute to massage schools, yoga practitioners, furniture stores; currently our products are available in 20 states through various retailers including Whole Foods Market in Austin and Dallas Texas, Hardwood Artisans of Virginia and Bedworks of Maine.

All White Lotus Home products are handcrafted with the finest natural and organic materials. We've been making each piece by hand since 1981, ensuring that all our items are of the quality you'd expect from a company that's been handcrafting products for almost 30 years. White Lotus products are free of off-gassing toxins that are present in many typical bedding products. Our mattresses are made one at a time in style similar to traditional futon mattresses. The cotton is layered by hand and quilted with a long, thin needle to ensure that the batting will not shift. We offer a variety of styles to accommodate your specific comfort level, and everything we make is available in certified organic!

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