Splendid Extra Long Twin Hiddenbed

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What is Hiddenbed®

Hiddenbed® is a revolutionary bed and desk system. Objects up to 17 3/4 inches high can remain on the desktop when the desk is transformed into a bed. Removal of objects is not necessary. The bedding and pillow can also remain on the bed when in desk position. Mattress height should not exceed 10 inches.

Innovative Design

Hiddenbed® has enough clearance for a computer case, monitor, keyboard and accessories. Devices on the desktop can remain plugged into a power supply as the transformation takes place. A maximum of 45lbs is recommended on the desk top.

Manufacturing and Availability

Hiddenbeds are manufactured in South Florida and can be shipped as RTA (Ready to Assemble). If product is not in stock than it take additional 2-3 weeks to shipping time.
Available Models

The Hiddenbed® system allows many different configurations, such as twin, extra long twin, full and bunk beds.

Available Accessories:

A variety of optional top or side cabinets, wardrobe, rolling filing cabinet, lights, etc. so you can build your own custom wall unit. Can be made with custom dimensions.


Hiddenbed® manufacturing is located in state-of-the-art facilities in South Florida and in Europe. High quality, eco-friendly products are used. Value to customers is the main priority.

Durability and Safety

The secret of revolutionary system is its patented balancing mechanism. It currently allows for 10,000 cycles (about 30 years). Easy-to-follow instructions are included to assemble a perfectly safe piece of furniture, or you might prefer to have our assembly team install your Hiddenbed (Available in South Florida and New York City).


Hiddenbed® doubles your space. No space is wasted. The bed, which is not useful during the day, is conveniently stowed away to be used only when it's needed.

Cost - Benefit Ratio

Hiddenbed® is different from all other space-saving solutions. When compared to the added price of a traditional bed, desk, and a top or side cabinet, Hiddenbed® has an unbeatable cost- benefit ratio.

Product Dimensions:

Available Finishes:

  • White
  • Antique White
  • Black
  • Natural Maple
  • Candlelight Maple
  • Wild Cherry
  • Chocolate
Please note that images are for reference only. Mattress has to be purchased separately.
Product Type: Beds
Size: Twin XL

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