4 Inch Organic Cotton/Pure Wool Mattress

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Organic Cotton/Pure Wool Mattress by Comfort Pure

Comfort Pure mattresses are made of 100% organic cotton, pure wool and natural fabrics. No chemicals added!

Our 3" and 4" futons are designed for layering or temporary sleeping. The 6" and 8" futons are the thickness of choice for single layer sleeping.

We put 100% organic cotton batting at the core for a firm foundation. We can then surround it with either more organic cotton, or pure wool, both of which will conform to your curves, however the wool will allow more air circulation so your skin breaths easier. All of this is encased in fabric woven using 100% organic cotton (4-8" futons also include an aluminum zipper for ease of manufacturing). All materials used are U.S. grown/raised/manufactured and certified. Finally we hand tuft them for even compression rates.

With pure wool added to the mattress, the body cools itself naturally with the evaporation of perspiration and keeping the same dry air next to the skin. Making you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Additionally, because wool contains moisture in each fiber, it is self-extinguishing.

Our 'cotton core' futons compress over time, it is imperative that they be alternately flipped and turned regularly to have the futon compress evenly.


  • Crib Futon: 28" x 52" (approx. weight 12.5lbs.)
  • Chair Futon: 28" x 54" (approx. weight 12.5lbs.)
  • Cot Futon: 30" x 75" (approx. weight 16lbs.)
  • Twin Futon: 39" x 75" (approx. weight 22lbs.)
  • Twin XL Futon: 39" x 80" (approx. weight 22lbs.)
  • Full Futon: 54" x 75" (approx. weight 32lbs.)
  • Full XL Futon: 54" x 80" (approx. weight 32lbs.)
  • Queen Futon: 60" x 80" (approx. weight 36lbs.)
  • Queen XL Futon: 80" x 84" (approx. weight 36lbs.)
  • King Futon: 78" x 80" (approx. weight 46lbs.)
  • California King Futon: 78" x 84" (approx. weight 46lbs.)


Organic Cotton is certified by USDA and TDA. Colors and shades vary, just as it does in nature. We use no dyes!

Pure wool is naturally flame retardant. No RX is required.

All Comfort Pure mattresses are available in custom sizes! Give us a call to get an estimate.

Handmade in the USA.

10 Year Limited Warranty.

Please note that mattress sizes and images are for reference only.
Comfort Pure turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for the mattresses.

Suggested Add-on

Futon Grip Strips is a necessary item for high performance futons. Grip Strips effectively keep your futon mattress in place and keep it from sliding down in the frame.
Product Type: Mattresses
Manufacturer: Comfort Pure
Warranty: 10 Years
Thickness: 4 Inch
Mattress Construction: Organic Cotton, Wool
Size: Chair, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Eastern King, California King, Cot, Crib, Queen XL
Batting: Medium
Mattress Type: Organic Mattress, Futon Mattress

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Comfort Pure

Comfort Pure bedding and mattresses contain the purest and best materials available. Our products are made of 100% organic cotton, pure wool, natural fabrics and wood. All materials used are U.S. grown and raised. Organic Cotton is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilization and certified by USDA and TDA.

We don't use any chemicals and lovingly make our products in the USA.

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